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Water Filter Kitchen Taps


Water Filter Kitchen Taps

No need to carry heavy water bottles anymore

Water is the most fascinating of all the elements on our planet. And water preferences can be as individual as taste in design. With GROHE Blue, we can cater to your exact tastes. Do you like your water still, lightly sparkling or sparkling? Filtered directly from the fitting in your own kitchen? Your wish is our command.

  • For filtered, chilled and carbonated water, choose GROHE Blue Home.
  • The GROHE Blue Pure filter system is perfect for those who like still, non-chilled water.
  • For company or office kitchens, choose GROHE Blue Professional

Filtered, chilled and sparkling

GROHE Blue combines outstanding design and innovative technology. A high-performance filter, cooler and carbonator deliver a pure taste experience – just as easily as using a standard kitchen fitting.

The temperature and intensity of the water flow are regulated as usual using the fitting’s operating lever, while the left rotary knob with integrated LED display regulates the carbonic-acid content of the filtered and chilled water.

But maybe you also want your faucet to express your taste in design? With GROHE Blue technology, you get four outstanding fitting designs. Choose between the classic GROHE Blue with C- or U-shaped spout, the GROHE Blue K7 or the GROHE Blue Minta.

GROHE Blue Minta

GROHE Blue Mono


If you do not want to give up your tried-and-tested kitchen fitting but still want to enjoy the benefits of the GROHE Blue, we have another solution for you: the ‘Mono’ version of GROHE Blue.

The Mono pillar tap can be simply installed on your worktop in harmony with your existing kitchen fitting.

The best thing about this tap? It is designed to make filling containers like the GROHE Blue carafe child’s play – for a refreshing, individual taste experience.

Less environmental impact


GROHE Blue combines convenience and a healthy lifestyle in one environmentally-conscious package. Compared to the pollution and energy consumption caused by filling and transporting bottled mineral water, filtering tap water has a negligible environmental impact.

GROHE Blue saves resources and money, since seven litres of water are needed to put just one litre of bottled water on a supermarket shelf. Energy is also saved, as heavy bottles no longer need to be carried home and time and resources spent recycling them.

Save money with GROHE Blue®

Great-tasting GROHE Blue® costs just one fifth of the price of premium waters. You reduce your energy consumption and avoid huge quantities of plastic waste!

Calculated now, how much money you can save with GROHE Blue®!

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